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New : Japanese Type 98 AA Gun

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The most common Anti-Aircraft gun used in World War 2 by the Japanese has arrived for your Bolt Action army and is ready to bring down the allies from the skies….


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The Japanese had a variety of large-calibre anti-aircraft guns, none of which really enter into the realm of the tabletop wargame. Smaller 20mm calibre weapons were supplemented by pintle-mounted machine guns of various types.


The Type 98 20 mm AA machine cannon was the most common automatic light anti-aircraft cannon used by the Japanese in World War II. It was based on a Hotchkiss design and was introduced in 1938. A more sophisticated weapon was the Type 2 of 1942 based on the German Flak 38 with a central fire-control mechanism and sometimes fitted in a dual mount.


An experienced crew could deploy it in about three minutes or set up and fire, albeit inaccurately, from its wheels.


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In Bolt Action

Cost: 36pts (inexperienced), 45pts (Regular), 54pts (Veteran).
Team: 3 men
Weapons: 1 light automatic cannon
May be upgraded to a Type 2 twin AA cannon for +30pts, increasing its shots from 2 to 4
Special Rules:
Team weapon

Now you have your Type 98 AA gun, expand your Japanese army even further with the rest of the range in Bolt Action.


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