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Conversion Workshop: Bedford OY crane truck

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Warlorder Dave Mathews, normally seen roaming the Black Powder forums or playing Bolt Action at the Dales wargames wrg club, dropped in to show his latest conversion work, a very interesting Bedford OY truck with Crane for his REME


Dave: As my painting skills improve (slowly) I thought I would put my hand to a vehicle conversion. Right now I am building a British engineer troop and bridging company, rather than have just trucks after trucks I thought what would an engineer unit need, and inspired by pictures from ‘D-day to VE-Day The British Soldier Volume 2 by Jean Boucherycame’ I came up with a crane truck.

Why a crane truck? Well for one it would look a little less standard and two it would test my novice skills at conversion. I plan on using it in Bolt Action as a transport.


To start, a truck, I chose the veritable and popular Bedford OY, which I built as a standard truck, as for the crane, I managed to obtain the railway crane from sarrisa, this I cut down to a more suitable length, an fixed to the truck bed with the original base that came with the crane.

I then put on the truck canopy to hide the majority of the crane workings, next on the list were support trusses these I removed the ends from the base plate of the 88 model, and after trimming off storage boxes on the rear of the truck bed fixed one to each corner.


The roller and box from the white scout car I never used fixed to the front of the Bedford cab, and some additional storage, finished the model.


Next, well my plan is a bridging column using the Sarrisa bailey bridge, once I have found suitable trailers…

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