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New: German Heavy Sniper Team

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With all the new armoured machines and genetic creatures walking the war-torn world, Germany has stepped up its Anti-Tank game with the new German Heavy Sniper Team:


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With the advent of heavy armour and light walkers on the battlefield, the role and relevance of heavy anti-tank rifles have been revised. Never intended to take on heavy vehicles, they are perfect for tackling scout walkers and the new breed of heavy infantry.

This blister pack contains a detailed metal heavy sniper team consisting of an anti-tank rifleman and their spotter.

Boasting an anti-tank rifle, they have the means to take on the heavily armoured super units that can cause immense havoc amongst regular troops.

Deploy in suitable terrain that allows them to oversee the enemies likley avenue(s) of approach and make that shot count!


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Germany will not fall!


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