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New: German Grenadier sprue

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Need to add a few reinforcements to your squads? Planning a cool conversion for Warlord Games Day painting competition? The brilliant German Grenadier plastic sprue is now available singly, dripping with options and equipment.


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The sprue makes 6 men and includes 11 different heads and the following weapons:

  • STG44 Assault Rifle
  • PPSh SMG
  • Kar 98K Rifle
  • MG42 Light Machine Gun
  • Rifle Grenade attachment
  • MP40 Sub-machine Gun
  • Kar 98K Rifle
  • Gewehr 43 Rifle
  • Stick grenade
  • Panzerfaust




German Grenadiers Figs (1)

…or just get a whole box:

German Grenadiers Cover

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