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New: Chindit Flamethrower and Light Mortar teams

Our Chindits have been reorganised recently and now you can get the flamethrower and light mortar together – just the job for taking on the soon-to-be-released plastic Japanese…

The Chindits were the largest allied special forces in operation during WWII. Formed from the British Indian Army as well as the British Army, these men operated deep behind enemy lines in North Burma to bring the battle to the Japanese.

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Ordinary soldiers asked to do the extraordinary, the British Chindits of Burma in WW2 have earned a fearsome reputation for bravery and sheer bloody mindedness in their drawn out daring raids behind Japanese lines. In a hostile environment, these men, nicknamed after a mythological Burmese temple beast, fought a hard war to win back Burma from the all conquering Japanese army and forged a name that will be remembered in history.

Our chindit range is quite comprehensive as you see in the gallery below, all of which are available in our webstore here.

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