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Spotlight: Ancient Britons & Imperial Romans

With the imminent release of the next Hail Caesar supplement – Britannia – it gives us a fantastic opportunity to showcase our excellent Ancient Briton and Imperial Roman ranges. You’ll be wanting some of these to refight the conflicts chronicled inside…

Lets start with the Queen of the Iceni, Boadicea herself!

We have a great army deal featuring Boadicea )or ‘Boudicca’ if you want to be all revisionist!) which is a great way to start collecting an Ancient Britons force.

There can be few more characterful people than the ancient Britons. With their trademark spiky limed hair, magnificent moustaches and painted with woad battle-markings they were as colourful and they were ferocious.

Famed for their daring and courageous use of Chariots the Britons were a sight to behold as they harried the enemy flanks, and un-nerved even the most stoic of enemy soldiers as they sped back and forth taking the fight into the heart of the enemy formations.

Also included in the range are chieftains, druids, naked fanatics, linebreakers, slingers and much more!

If the all conquering Roman Empire is more your thing a great place to get started is the Imperial Roman starter Army!

Well-drilled, and clad in his segmented armour the Legionary was the lifeblood of the Roman war machine – there was no kingdom or state that could withstand the unforgiving Legions of the Roman empire…

Add to this set with our Imperial Roman plastic box set which contains enough sprues to build and field a unit of 30 legionaries. Comes replete with options to arm them with pilum or gladius and with great extras such as spare helmets, pila, shields and a cavalry helmet with metal faceplate!

We also have a great selection of other box sets covering the different unit types of the Roman empire including the Praetorian Guard and tough Veterans!


Besides these fabulous box sets we have a vast range of supporting troops and commander whcih can all be found in our Early Imperial Roman range.

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