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New: Chindit Figure Heads

You can now buy the heads from our Chindits range. This will allow you to attach exactly the head you want to the body you want!

The Chindits were the largest allied special forces in operation during WWII. Formed from the British Indian Army as well as the British Army, these men operated deep behind enemy lines in North Burma to bring the battle to the Japanese. The jungles of Burma provided plenty of hardship transforming these fighting men into some of the toughest and grizzled soldiers of their day.

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Made from a mix of the Chindit Close Quarter Fighters and the current Chindit Section to create a the new Chindit Section which better represent how they are used in Bolt Action.

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We have also made the HQ section from the Chindit box set available as a separate pack. containing two officers, a medic and spotter!

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The Chindits came about thanks to the ideas and actions of Mr. Wingate, shown in 28mm form above. The idea of a highly specialized long range penetration army that was solely supported by air units was an unorthodox one that would stick in the minds of the public for years to come.

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With the recent release of the Armies of Great Britain book you also now have the rules for these fearsome fighters.

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Armies of Great Britain allows you to field the British Army, British Airborne, Commandos, Commonwealth troops such as Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians, Polish Airborne, Gurkhas, Chindits and of course the SAS!


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Written by Jake Thornton, a copy of the Bolt Action rulebook is needed to use this supplement.

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