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New: British Oerlikon light anti-tank gun (1939-40)

Reinforce your brave British Expeditionary Force with this unusual-looking tracked anti-tank gun.


Developed towards the end of World War I, the Oerlikon 20mm, or 1-pdr, cannon was towed by the Carden Loyd carrier or Universal Carrier Mk I with the crew sat atop a trailer stationed between gun and tow.

The weapon was withdrawn from active duty in 1938 when the 2 Pdr. became available although it would continue to be used until the 2-pdr was fully in place. It was issued to some Home Guard units during 1940 in preparation for the expected German invasion. It also served as a anti-tank gunnery range trainer throughout the war.

WGB-BI-81-Oerlikon-Light-atg-b WGB-BI-81-Oerlikon-Light-atg-c WGB-BI-81-Oerlikon-Light-atg-d

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