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New: Bolt Action vehicle decals

We have five new vehicle decal sheets for you this week! These high quality waterslide transfers are designed to go with our 1:56 scale Bolt Action vehicles.

These decals will finish your vehicles off perfectly and they are very easy to apply. Simply cut out the desired decal, leave it in a dish of lukewarm water for a few seconds and then slide it off the backing paper and into place. Using a clean paintbrush will help in the positioning of your decals as well as making sure they are free of trapped air bubbles.

This first sheet covers the British 7th Armoured Division – the legendary ‘Desert Rats’. This sheet covers both the Western Desert and the campaign from D-Day to the end of the war. We’ve added the red and white squadron markings as a strip so you can apply them to any vehicles of your choice.

American crews were keen on naming their vehicles so this mix of nicknames are just the job for the crews of armoured cars, tanks or softskins! These would be just as good for US Marine Corps vehicles as for the regular US Army.

We’ve been asked, more times than we care to mention, for Soviet slogans and insignia so we’re please to have not one but two sheets encompassing just that. This first sheets also has the Guards symbol and a variety of numbers.

This second sheets of Soviet slogans and numbers adds extra variety to your Red Army vehicles. As these slogans and numbers were applied on a local basis and often without too much care and attention you’ll find a few of them even have paint drips!

And finally, we have the British motorised battalion squadron markings. Ideal for adding to Universal Carriers, M5 halftracks, etc.

The above have been added to our extensive range of Bolt Action decals which can be found in our webstore.

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