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New: Bolt Action Sherman V!

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Supplied under the Lend-Lease programme to Great Britain the M4A4 was renamed the Sherman V by it’s new owners. The Sherman V would be the mainstay of the British and Polish armoured units during the later years of the Second World War.

Sherman V B&W

Sherman V

This was perhaps the most populous British tank. The only downside was a high silhouette, but the Sherman made up for this with it’s reliablilty, ruggedness and numbers. Armed with a 75mm gun and two .30 cal Machine Guns, the Sherman V could handle itself just fine, especially when supported by a Firefly and it’s 17 pdr gun.

Sherman V B&W

Sherman V

Sherman V

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Tank Deal

Normandy Tank Platoon Special Offer!

Why settle for on Sherman V, when you could have three and a Firefly? All while saving a heft chunk of change! This offer provides you with 3 Sherman V’s and a deadly Firefly with it’s wicked 17pdr high-velocity gun. The Shermans would use their speed to manouevre round the Jerry Big Cat’s while the Firefly would unleash a devastating killing blow.

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