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New: Wojtek’s Dwarf Lady Footballers!

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And now for something completely different! Warlord sculptor Wojtek has been wiling away his spare time sculpting a team of voluptuous, sassy female Dwarf fantasy football players. You have to keep an eye on the quiet ones, you know.

Lady Dwarfs

Not content with spending twelve hours a day, six days a week sculpting historical models it appears that to take a break our sculptor, Wojtek, has been sculpting in his spare time too.

Lady Dwarfs

Lady Dwarfs

Here we have the result of many an evening of feverish sculpting – Wojteks’ Dwarf Fantasy Football Team.  More Wojtek’s fantasy than traditional fantasy, we think…

Lady Dwarfs

Lady Dwarfs

The set includes: –

2 Shield Maidens
2 Iron Maidens
2 Winged Maidens
6 Hand Maidens

So 12 beautifully sculpted models with bags of character suitable for use in most popular fantasy football games outside of the Daily Telegraph. Pick yours up here today!

Name that Team! competition

You’ve probably noticed that the name of the team is a, frankly, rubbish.  So we have a competition for you – whoever comes up with the best name (as judged by Wojtek himself) gets a free team!

Either email your entry, with ‘Dwarf Team Name’ as the subject title in your email to or you can tweet us @Warlordgames

This set contains 12 metal figures, supplied unpainted, unassembled,  and  may differ from those shown.  Bases are not included.

Competition closing date is 17th October, in event of several people entering the winning name the prize will go to the one that gets to us first.

Repeat please!

Here’s a crafty look at a few future releases that Wojtek’s almost finished off…


His next fantasy football team will be Pixies. Yes, really.

Although we’ve managed to get little sense out of the little chap about this team we did manage to snaffle some of the sculpts so we could show you what’s on the way. As far as we can tell there will be winged little beauties, willowy tree creatures and a gold-hungry Leprechaun. We think Wojtek must have been bullied at school, or something…


We’ll bring you more from our little Pole’s fevered imagination in future newsletters.  Be warned!