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New: Bolt Action Panzer Crews!

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Well, we’ve been bringing you loads and loads of new and re-released vehicles so it’s only fair we also gave you the crew for them, isn’t it?

Panzer Crew

With the separate heads as you’ve come to love from the Figure Head system you’ll have plenty of variety across the zugs in your German army.  These proud panzer crewmen can ably double as Heer or Waffen-SS dependent on how you paint them.

These dynamic miniatures provide you with three tank crew to fit in the hatches of your Warlord tanks. You can see a few examples of this crew pack in action below.






British tank commanders

Don’t let Jerry outmanoeuvre you – add some British Tank Commanders to your tanks and get a proper look at the situation!

Keep you binoculars to hand – there’ll be more tank crews on the way soon…