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New: Bolt Action King Tiger with zimmerit!

Rolling off the production line once more comes the fearsome King Tiger tank, now coated with zimmerit anti-magnetic mine paste. Not good news if you are an Allied tank commander!

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One of the defining features of mid/late war German armour is the use of zimmerit anti-magnetic mine paste. It’s rough texture, which comes in a variety of patterns, makes painting panzers much easier as you can apply your usual techniques of drybrushing, blending or washes – something that can give a less than satisfactory result when applied to flat surfaces.

Our King Tiger is a resin and metal beast, armed with a long 8.8cm gun. It’s sloped, exceptionally thick armour provided it with ample defence against all but the most powerful Allied guns. This model has the Henschel production turret.

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For those of you wanting your King Tiger as they rolled off the production line at the factory (ie, sans zimmerit), we also have our  current King Tiger model…

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Get your hands on three of these beasts (can you hear your opponent weeping yet?) with your choice of either zimmerit or not in our webstore as a special offer platoon deal.

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