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New: Bolt Action Japanese Jungle Fighters!

The latest release for our WWII Imperial Japanese Army range are these infantrymen swathed in all manner of foliage allowing them to blend into their jungle environment more easily. Well-versed in jungle combat the Japanese soldier quickly developed an almost invincible reputation amongst their Allied adversaries.

The Jungle Fighters squad contains an NCO with Type 100 sub-machine gun, 8 riflemen with Arisaka rifles and a Type 99 light machine gunner.

As you can see these seasoned Japanese troops are very much on the offensive.  Utilising our Figure Head System of separate heads you can create a force with loads of variety.

The Jungle Fighters will be a great addition to the Imperial Japanese Army boxed set which gives you a great starting point for your Japanese army, with riflemen, command, knee mortar and HMG team.

If you are looking to add more fire support and suppressive fire to your army this Type 92 heavy machine gun is ideal.

We don’t just have miniatures for your games set in the Far East – we have loads of great-looking terrain too. Take a look below at just a couple of the pieces from the Architects of War Pacific range

Architects of War Concealed Jungle Bunker.

Deep in the Jungle, just at the bend of a trail, a log bunker has been built and covered with earth. Around it, many jungle plants have been transplanted to conceal it. In the twilight under the towering jungle trees, the bunker is virtually undetectable, and the machine gun inside sets ready for the enemy to approach…

Whether you man the  Concealed Jungle Bunker with Japanese or Chindits or even use it as hunting blind to fire on unsuspecting fauna of a rain forest, this will make a fantastic addition to your terrain collection and a worthy objective for your games.

The Bunker comes with a removable top and all the trees and foliage you need to complete this fantastic piece as seen above.

Pacific/Far East village from Architects of War.

This is a complete ‘village in a box’ suitable for Pacific Island games, Caribbean and South American locales, Southeast Asia and even parts of Africa. It will easily take up a 24 inch square area of your gaming table.

In this set you’ll receive  two pieces that are only available in this set:  baskets of fish and other details (river or ocean, of course…) and a food preparation area where the native inhabitants are create their meals with baskets of various gathered food stuffs, matting, etc. Are they booby-trapped though…

You also receive our Pig Poke that comes with two pigs, the Headman’s House, and the Small Native house. Enough foliage is included to decorate all the bases to match the other Jungle and Pacific products in the range.

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