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New: Imperial Roman Sentries!

We first previewed these new sculpts a little while ago and ever since we’ve been inundated with questions about when they will be available to buy. Well, here they are!

The pack contains two different bodies – one with hood drawn up against the foul weather (or, perhaps, the shield from the glaring sun…) ans the other with cape hood down and with separate head. Included in the pack are two head options – one wearing standard Imperial Gallic legionary helmet and the other sporting an auxiliary helmet.

As you can see above there is loads of potential in these models. By swapping heads and shields from our plastic Roman sets and the various metal head sprues in The Armoury section of our webstore you can create Roman Marine sentries, Praetorian Guard, er, guards and Auxilia sentries, amongst others.

Of course, you’ll need something for your vigilant Roman soldiers to protect and we have just the things – several Roman watchtowers, all scratchbuilt and pre-painted!

The new sentries would also look good protected dignitaries, accompanying a supply train (carts and pack mules) or keeping watch over Roman fortifications and marching forts.

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