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New: Bolt Action Italian Army!

We’ve remastered our Italian Army range and given them the Figure Head treatment. Now we’re ready to release them back into the wild…

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The core of the army is the 10-man squad. Based around a 2-man Breda LMG team, the squad is led by an NCO and supported by 7 riflemen. With a mix of helmets and sidecaps your squads should all look different – especially as there are multiple variants for each troops type (you’ll receive a random selection form 4 different NCOs, 2 different LMG teams and 11 different riflemen!).

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Giving direction to the rankers, this command group comprises of two officers, a radio operator and a runner. Again, a mix of sidecap and helemted heads gives you plenty of options when building your army.

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The final release for  this opening batch of Italian Army releases is the 81mm medium mortar. Crewed by 3 infantrymen this will support your advancing squads and keep the enemy’s heads down…

Don’t worry – there is plenty more on the way  for Il Duce’s lads over the next few weeks and months – guns, vehicles, more infantry and more troops types!


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