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New: Celt Fanatic command!

It’s been a little while since our Celtic range received reinforcements but that wait is now over! Taking charge of our Naked Celt Fanatics is this imposing trio – add them to your barbarian horde below.

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Expertly painted by Luis Garcia these ferocious skyclad warriors direct and encourage their attireless comrades to greater feats of arms leading from the front…

Speaking of said naked fanatics, you’ll be needing some of them to go with the new command group…

Another great pack in a similar vien as our Celt Linebreakers. Savagely charging at the enemy battle line, tying to create a breach in the wall of shields for their following comrades to pir through these are supremely dynamic miniatures that could act as unit commanders in their own right.

That’s not all – we have more on the way for Celtic commanders…


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