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New: Bolt Action Imperial Japanese models

With the release of the Armies of Imperial Japan army book for Bolt Action, we’ve taken the opportunity to bring our Japanese range into line with the entries in the new supplement.

We’ve revamped our Imperial Japanese range with some great new miniatures, to match the Bolt Action army list. This will make it easier to identify what you need to add to your army and less confusing all round!

You’ll find more images for each of these sets by clicking on the ‘buy now in store’ buttons.

First up is the Imperial Japanese HQ set. Previously only available as part of the now unavailable Japanese metal boxed set (replaced by our lovely new plastic Japanese infantry…), the two officers and spotter are available separately for the first time. In addition we’ve added two brand new models to the pack – a medic and a Kempeitai. Now you have everything you need to lead the Emperor’s troops to domination of the Pacific region…

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The Sniper Team has been joined by a new Flamethrower team. Whilst you’ll see a lot of period photographs of US troops blazing away with flamethrowers, the Japanese receive less pictoral evidence. The reality is that they also made good use of flametthrowers so that, in addition to being deadly in Bolt Action games, should make this pack rather popular!

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The Japanese medium machine gun team has now been by brought up to the 3-man team needed in the rules by the addition of an additional crew member with field glasses.


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Next, we’ve renamed the Jungle Fighters squad to be Veterans, as befits their aggressive posture.

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And finally, we’ve renamed the Japanese Infantry squad. This squad is dressed largely in summer uniform and shirts, so it’s a different option to those in the Japanese Infantry plastic boxed set.

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That isn’t everything for the forces of the Emperor of Japan – not by a long chalk! We have a load more coming through soon – vehicles and troops. Banzai!

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