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New: Bolt Action German paint sets!

Rounding off our Bolt Action paint sets are these covering the forces of the Third Reich. Whether your force comprises Waffen-SS, Fallschirmjäger or Heer, you need look no further than these handy paint sets.

Late War German Army

▪ German Grey (Vallejo 995): Helmet
▪ German Field Grey (Vallejo 830): Tunic and trousers
▪ Black (Vallejo 950): Belts, webbing, boots and  MP40 ammo pouches
▪ Green Grey (Vallejo 886): Gaiters, MP40 ammo pouches
▪ Canvas (Vallejo Panzer Aces 314): STG44 ammo pouches,  MP40 ammo pouches
▪ Flat Brown (Vallejo 984): Canteen
▪ Green Brown (Vallejo 879): Breadbag,  MP38/MP40 ammo pouches
▪ Military Green (Vallejo 975): Mess tin and gas mask container


• German Grey (Vallejo 995): Uncovered helmet
• Black (Vallejo 950): Webbing, pistol holster, rifle ammo pouches, boots, bayonet scabbard
• German Field Grey (Vallejo 830): Trousers and breadbag
• Luftwaffe Uniform blue (Vallejo 816): Luftwaffe tunic, field cap, officer’s peaked cap
• Military Green  (Vallejo 975): Mess tin and gas mask container
• German Camo Orange Ochre (Vallejo 824): Canteen
• Middlestone (Vallejo 882): Panzerfaust
• Camouflaged jump smocks and helmet covers (Beige 821, Green 823, Brown 984)

Late war Waffen-SS camo paint set

This paint set gives you the colours necessary to paint the main camouflage styles used by the Waffen-SS. For equipment, field grey tunics/trousers, etc you’ll need the Late War German Paint Set as seen above too

SS Plane Tree pattern
• German Camo Bright Green (Vallejo 833)
• German Camo Medium Brown (Vallejo 826)
• German Camo Extra Dark Green (Vallejo 896)

SS Oak Leaf pattern
• German Camo Pale Brown (Vallejo 825)
• German Camo Dark Green (Vallejo  979)
• German Camo Bright Green (Vallejo 833)

SS Pea Dot pattern
• Basecoat:  Beige Brown (Vallejo 875)
• Patches/spots: German Camo Dark Green (Vallejo  979), Cork Brown (Vallejo 843), German Camo Bright Green (Vallejo 833) and  Beige Brown (Vallejo 875)


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