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New: Bolt Action British 6 Pdr Anti-Tank Gun!

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With all the Panzers being released recently the hard-pressed Tommies need something to level the playing field. Good job we’ve got this 6 pdr set then!





Our British army crewed six pounder anti tank gun comes with three crew figures, ammunition crates and shells. Pick yours up today here in the webstore!

If you’re interested in British hardware you’ll more than likely want to take a look at these too…

Painted Tommies

Our plastic British Infantry set holds 25 multi-pose soldiers and can be built in a staggering number of poses/variants. Aside from the soldiers there are 25mm diameter plastic bases and a waterslide decals sheet for insignia – exceptional value!

Useful as either a tow for your 6 pdr or as a troop transport the M5 halftrack saw widespread use with the British and Soviet armies during the war.

Small it is not! The AEC Armoured Car was an absolute behemoth, more akin to a heavy tank on wheels than an armoured car if size is anything to go by. Primarily fielded in British and British Indian units during the war in Europe there were 628 built during WWII. The AEC Mk II was armed with a 6pdr gun whilst the AEC Mk III mounted a 75mm gun for close support duties.