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The Armoury Is Restocked!

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The Armoury is the area of our webstore where you can find accessories for your armies. Whether you want helmets, rifles, pikes, shield or indeed anything similar The Armoury is where it’s at. This week we add a few new items to it’s racks…

First released three years ago, we happened upon a few of these resin Celt Upgrade sprues during a recent stockcheck. We only have limited stocks of these and when they’re gone they won’t be back. The sprue contains a Carynx horn, 2 ornamental carved stone heads and 5 bucklers – two with bundles of javelins. This sprue is perfect for beefing up your slingers or javelinmen or adding more variety to your Celt, Ancient British or Dacian warriors units.

Initially released as part of our Pike & Shotte Highlander range we’re now making this handy weapon sprues available separately. Containing a matchlock musket, a wheel lock musket and a deadly Lochaber Axe it’ll find good use in your army.

This pack of Morion helmets was originally released in our Thirty Years War Imperialist Infantry boxed set. That said, however, the helmets are good for use across the Pike & Shotte period and add a little more variety to your regiments.

More Morion helmets! This time we have the sprue from the Thirty Years War Swedish Infantry boxed set. As with the previous pack these can be put to good use in any army during the Pike & Shotte period.

The last (for now!) addition to The Armoury is this metal sprue of Broad-Brimmed Hats. Now made available separately from it’s previous home, the Thirty Years War Imperialist Infantry boxed set it, once again, can be used in many armies during the period dominated by the Thirty Years War and the English Civil Wars.

There’s plenty more interesting items to be had in The Armoury. Why not visit today and perhaps customise your army a bit?