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New: Blitzkrieg German 75mm LeIG 18 Light Artillery

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The German army of the Second World War used a wide variety of light guns, field guns and howitzers based around the 75mm calibre. One of the most recognisable and widely used was the leIG (or ”leichtes Infanteriegeschütz” – meaning “light infantry gun”) – which was used for close support, and was light enough to be manhandled and repositioned by their crews.


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The German Light infantry support gun mark18 was a short-barrelled 75mm howitzer. It was used throughout the war in most theatres and gave good quality, much needed support to the hard-pressed Infantry.

Frankreich, Geschütz

It could be towed by light tractor, or even pulled by hand into position where its low profile, small size and rapid fire made it a useful addition to the frontline strength.

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Warlord’s model captures its stubby outline nicely and with its action packed 3 man crew is a no brainer to add to any force.

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Rules for the leIG gun are covered by the ‘Light Artillery’ entry found on page 34 of the ‘Armies of Germany‘ Bolt Action supplement;

Light Artillery

Cost: 40pts (Inexperienced), 50pts (Regular), 60pts (Veteran)
Team: 3 men
Weapons: 1 Light howitzer
Special Rules:
– Gun shield
– Team weapon
– Fixed
– Howitzer
– HE (D6)