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Model Of The Week: Raus!

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One of the most popular models in the Warlord miniatures cabinets is this set of German grenadiers alighting from their Hanomag and into action.

Model of the week this time is courtesy of our own Paul Sawyer. Unsurprisingly it comes from our Bolt Action range…

Raus Diorama

Paul: When we show visitors around Warlord HQ you can guarantee they will stop for a while to admire this great dioramic set. It’s easy to see why – it’s crammed full of action and atmosphere as the German soldats leap from their transport and into the thick of the action. This more than any other piece is arguably what captures what Warlord Games is all about – action-packed, different, and above all fun.

Raus Diorama

Each miniature tells its own story – be it the grenadier who, having hit the floor is now sprinting to the objective or the grizzled NCO climbing over the side of the Hanomag and surveying the scene with the eyes of a combat veteran as he does. The scene really captures the new style of mechanised combat that came to the fore in WWII and which was honed by the German armed forces.

Raus Diorama

Painted by the rather-too-talented Darren Linington this model is surely something no fan of WWII gaming can resist? Of course the Sd.Kfz 251 might not be to your forces requirement so you can choose which halftrack to receive when you buy this from our webstore. In fact these models are also available minus the halftrack so you can add them to your existing Hanomags or make a diorama with them jumping off the back of a tank or terrain piece if you prefer. Can’t say fairer than that!