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New: LVT(A)-4 75mm AMTANK

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The US Marines have up-gunned their landing craft tracked (LVT) with the LVT(A)-4 75 mm Howitzer. Time to let em ave it!

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As the re-taking of the islands continued in the Pacific it was quickly realised that the 37mm of the LVT(A)-1 didn’t quite have the firepower needed to dig out an entrenched enemy. The need for a heavier fire support version saw the turret of the 75 mm Howitzer M8 being fitted to the LVT-2 hull producing the LVT(A)-4.

A single .50 cal machine gun was originally installed on the ring mount above the turret rear whilst late production vehicles had the heavy machine gun replaced with two M1919A4 .30 cal. MMGs on pintle mounts and one more in the bow mount.


  • 1 resin LVT(A)-4 Hull & Turret
  • 1 metal HMG
  • 2 metal crew heads

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The USMC starter force gives you the perfect 1000 point gaming force on which to expand…rp_WGB-START-10-USMC-starter-army.jpg

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