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Konflikt Showcase – foehammer888

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Here are foehammer888’s Konflikt ’47 creations! He has painted and converted up this awesome M5 Stuart Light Tank for his US forces on the tabletop.


Following up with the rest of my completed figures.

Bruin heavy assault walker with AT gun and rockets. Only minor conversions include stowage added, crew figs, and the wooden armour on the sides. Nick-named the very appropriate “Home Wrecker”.

Kodiak AA Walker. No name on this guy yet. Conversions include the Radar Array (made of plasticard), the crew, and the front window on the chassis. That’s normally a smooth plate. I thought an AA vehicle would need greater visibility to do its job, and I liked the look of the B-29 style nose.

M5 Stuart Light tank. Basic kit with a crew and wooden armour added. “Red Devil”.

Lastly, I decided to have a second small force to do demo games at my local club. I went with Finns as they seemed such a unique force very different from the USMC. I have zombies, riflemen, a Spinne Light Mech, and a Panzer IV. Only real conversions here are the Pinne, which I gave snowshoes rather than the normal spikey legs, and log armour on the Panzer IV.

View his original post here.

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