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Hobby: Warlorders Days of Dredd Pledges

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A number of Warlorders have been prepping for the Days of Dredd launch event, pledging their loyalties to Justice department or nefarious gangs…

Days of Dredd

Four of Warlord Games’ finest have begun assembling their forces in preparation for a showdown on the Judge Dredd Launch Weekend over 25th – 26th of January 2020, here at Warlord HQ. The weekend will give the opportunity to play some great games over our bespoke scenic boards. You can find details of the weekend here.

Let’s meet our four intrepid hobbyists and discover what they’ve been working on:

Dave’s Cursed Earthers

Cursed Earth Raiders

Faction: Block Gang

Hi my name’s Dave and I’m the HQ Store Manager, let’s dial this one up to 4!

Mean MachineHistory with the Comics: I’ve been a Judge Dredd fan for as long as I can remember… it literally was the first comic I truly got into as a kid. I followed the tales of Mega-City One since and fell in love with story arcs based in the Cursed Earth, especially when my all time favourite Arch Villain was introduced in the form of Mean Machine Angel!

The Plan: I’ve decided to focus on a Block Gang themed around the rise to notoriety of Mean Machine and Devin, Two Cursed Earthers who have breached the city walls and have started a mutie uprising!

Assembling the Gang: My gang is a mixture of 2000ad models from the Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog Ranges. I’ve used the Block Gang models as well as mixing it up with a couple of models made from the Build a Mutie boxed set, a waster and of course Mean Machine Angel from the Arch Villains of Mega-City One boxed Set.

Future Plans: I plan to expand my gang by adding some more gangers, possibly a heavy or two as well as some of the new Cursed Earth Raiders models from the second wave of releases, oh and a hover van or 3!

Max’s (non-regulation uniform) Judges

Faction: Justice Department

Good Day citizen, I’m Max, when I’m not cleaning up the mean streets of The MEG I’m working Warlord’s customer service department.

History with the Comics: I’m a total beginner with Dredd in all forms, my only exposure to the franchise was via the Karl Urban movie in 2012 (and yes I’ve been having a lovely time under this rock this whole time!). Since the game’s release, I have been exposed to a LOT of comics lent by friends, so I’m catching up fast!

Work In Progress

Assembling the Judges: As I went into this project totally blind to the wider Dredd lore, I went with the models that appealed to me the most. When I saw the models from the Street Judge kit I instantly pictured how they’d look in my alternate colour scheme. I also purchased the starter set for the rulebook and a few extra judges.

On the note of colour schemes, don’t worry readers! People around the office have already told me off for my non-regulation uniforms and after this project concludes I am being sent to Titan.

Future Plans: As for the future of this gang I have had a few test games in the run-up and I am desperately missing a few long-range guns, having left the Lawrod and the Widowmakers at home. On one occasion some drokking scum blasted holes in my veteran judges with a contraband laser rifle and I couldn’t even close to a return-fire distance! With a Lawrod to hand I can show them that the arm of the Law is longer than they first thought!

No Max, a banana will not drop those drokkin scum…

Nick’s “Drewsey and Finch” Security Services

Faction: Block Gang

Hi, I’m Nick from metal casting.

History with the Comics: I was introduced to 2000AD by my mum back in my very early teens, and it provided me with my recommended dose of thill power for years.  While I drifted away from comics shortly after the Chaos Day arc, the entire franchise will always have a special place in my heart.

The Plan: I wanted to represent a group of high-end Blitzers and fixers, hired through foreign intermediaries to carry out a shady corporation’s nefarious plans.

Assembling the Gang: My Lieutenant is a converted model from the Block Gang reinforcements box, and my 4 heavies are the most respectable looking models I could find between the Block Gang and Denizens of Mega-City One.

Future Plans: I plan to create a Citi Def force using the Strontium Dog Kreelers to represent the more legitimate end of D&G’s business.


Conor’s Apocalypse Day Judges

Faction: Justice Department

Hi, My names Conor and I’m the Full-time member of the HQ Store. Empty the Armouries! Lawlessness in Mega-City One needs to be stomped out.

History with the Comics: I am reasonably new to the worlds of 2000AD and the comics, my first experience being Strontium Dog! I have quickly come to love the worlds of 2000AD with Dredd being my next tentative step into this well-loved series.

The Plan: I’ve decided to build a Justice Department force playing with the Judge Specialisation skills, in particular, the Tek Judge skill for extra armoury cards to kit out my small force.

Assembling the Gang: I’ve used for my force, a Senior Judge, a regular Judge with the Tek Judge Specialisation and a Cadet Judge. To represent them I am using both Judges from the Starter Set and one of the Judges from the Street Judges Box set. To represent the Tek upgrade I am painting the trim of my chosen Judge from the Street Judges with a Yellow, to make them more easily identified on the tabletop.

Future Plans: I plan on expanding by adding more Judges from the Street Judges box set, I may add a Psi-Judge and a Med-Judge to my Faction, but having Judges with the extra weapons can provide me with the option to swap out my specialists for extra firepower! Of course, I will also be adding the named heroes, like Anderson and the Law himself, Judge Dredd.


You can catch our staffers’ creations at the Days of Dredd Launch Weekend over the 25th and 26th January. We’ll catch up with our staffers to see how their projects have developed in the near future.

Dan Hewitson
Dan can often be found contemplating the mound of unpainted minis building up under his desk. He has a tendency to roll lots of ones. He also has a tendency to complain about rolling lots of ones.