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Hobby: Video tutorials by Pete the Wargamer

Painting with Pete

Hobby: Video tutorials by Pete the Wargamer
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Here at Warlord games, we absolutely love seeing what people have on their hobby desks. One huge enabler of that has been Pete from the YouTube channel Pete the Wargamer. 

Pete has a fantastic yet simple paint style and methodology that straddles the line we all balance on, between awesome on the tabletop, but fast and rapid deployment of our troops to the field. 

Today, I wanted to pick my top 5 standout tutorials he has lovingly created for Warlord Games products, in the hope that it will inspire you, just as it has me, to power through a painting project and have a new force on the table in time for your local clubs re-opening. 

How to Paint Late War German Grenadiers

The German Grenadier in the mid to late war, represents the backbone of German infantry. With their characteristic Zeltbahn (camouflage poncho), MG42s and MP40s, they really are the image we all imagine when we picture Northwest Europe during World War 2.

Pete does a fantastic job here to break down the otherwise tricky camouflage pattern, and delivers a great tutorial that allows you to get models you are proud of on the table.

How To Paint U.S Airborne M43 Uniform

The U.S M43 uniform replaced is iconic for its olive green colour and was worn by U.S Forces from late 1943 onwards. Without knowing it, the M43 may bring forward thoughts of Bastogne, as opposed to earlier uniform patters that were more Khaki in colour, but equally, bring forward images of Operation Overlord and D-Day.

This tutorial for me, really brought home the contract in different green shades to achieve an incredible looking miniature.

How To Paint WW2 Russian Tanks – SU85

While this video is titled for the SU-85, Pete’s straight forward tank videos are aimed at achieving a great level of immersion with minimal effort. The techniques used in these videos will encourage you to practise the basics such as washing and dry brushing and help you build upon that. It is certainly worth checking out!

How To Paint WW2 German Grey Camo

Much like the entry above, this tutorial, performed on a Panzer 3, could be applied to almost any German vehicle from the Early or Mid-war period.
The iconic Grey Panzer divisions from actions such as the Battle of France or Stalingrad are a fantastic way to expand your existing German forces, or equally creating a stunning (yet surprisingly easy to paint) Armoured platoon for Tank War.

How to Paint British Airborne

The British Paratrooper was arguably one of the toughest enemies of the Axis forces during World War II. Their bravery and daring if reflected on the tabletop as veteran and stubborn troops, able to hold an objective whilst dishing out a considerable level of firepower.

Pete brings the classic Denison smock (a right of passage for any aspiring Paratrooper) to life with a simple camouflage scheme.

This is my pick for the top 5 standout tutorials, however Pete has a huge back catalogue of tutorials that will help you get your soldiers painted and on the tabletop, again be sure to check him out here.