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New: TTCombat Stalingrad Scenery Sets

These new scenery sets are fantastic for many of the scenarios in Campaign Stalingrad...

New: TTCombat Stalingrad Scenery Sets
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The new Stalingrad Scenery sets, care of our friends at TTCombat, are perfect to enliven a battlefield. They are invaluable for many of scenarios in Campaign Stalingrad. Skirmish at the Volgograd Tractor Plant or mount a stoic defence of Pavlov’s house – these kits really make a tabletop battlefield resonate.

Ruined Offices Set

In Stalingrad, after intense Luftwaffe bombing, the fighting quickly devolved into vicious house-to-house fighting. These ruined offices really encapsulate the state of the city in the grip of the terrible conflict. Although these are not specific to a particular scenario in Campaign Stalingrad, they are entirely representative of the entire conflict and as such are suitable on any Stalingrad-themed gaming board.

Indeed, with their high customizability, they are generic enough to be used on any Bolt Action city board.


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Industrial Rail Set

After 27 September, much of the fighting in the city shifted north to the industrial district. This is where some of the most vicious of all the fighting occurred including the assaults on the Red October Steel Factory, the Barrikady Arms Factory and Stalingrad Tractor Factor

This Industrial Rail set gives you a wide array of scenery options to skirmish over in 28mm.


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Tank Factory Set

During World War II, the Volgograd Tractor Plant was retooled to produce military equipment and weapons for the Soviet Red Army, most notably the T-34 tank. In the summer of 1942, this became the priority target for the besieging Wehrmacht.



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Red Star Railway Set

In Scenario 6: Rail Station No.1 from Campaign Stalingrad, each side is seeking to maintain control of the imposing rail station, which dominated the terrain around it. Surrounding the station was a nightmarish maze of tracks, destroyed trains, footbridges, and machinery.

The Red Star railway set gives you a variety of scenery pieces to replicate this maze upon the tabletop, making for a highly characterful Bolt Action battlefield.


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Theatre Set

These distinctive structures really stand out on the battlefield. The Wehrmacht adopted the term ‘Rattenkrieg’ or rat war, to describe the vicious close-quarters fighting that they endured, street by street and building by building. The theatre set lends a battlefield a pair of unique buildings that players will need to be mindful how they interact with. Though potentially a superb defensive position; is the sacrifice of mobility a good trade-off in a fast-paced game of Bolt Action?

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Pavlov’s House Set

Pavlov’s House formed the core of Soviet defences in and around the 9th January Square. For over 100 days the Soviet garrison held out, raining down artillery and machine-gun fire on any Germans unlucky enough to be sent up against their formidable defences.

The famous defence of Pavlov’s House gets its own scenario in Campaign Stalingrad. The use of this fantastic bespoke scenery set can exponentially elevate the immersion of any players taking part.


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The Scenery in Action

These photos of the scenery in action show how well they scale and mesh with our Bolt Action range of miniatures. Our photographer even cracked out the sepia setting!

Below is the finished Stalingrad Industrial gaming board located at Warlord HQ:

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