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Hobby: Terrain Tutor Tree special

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Does your gaming table look like, well… a flat table? Why not get creative this weekend and jazz things up with your own trees! Mel the Terrain Tutor has a fantastic series on livening up your table with trees galore, from the simple to the exquisite. Grab your kit and join Mel in building your terrain during these summer holidays:


Now you’ve got the basics sorted it’s time to step up and have a go, the results will be worth it!

Get building this summer and be sure to show us your creations by dropping us a line with a couple of pictures to the Warlord Facebook page or share with all over at the Warlord Forum

And whilst your at it why not take extra inspiration from those great chaps over at Beasts of War as they embark on the Scatter Challenge! find out more over at The Beasts Of War Hobby Lab Open Challenge:
Beasts Of War Scatter Terrain comp Aug16

Tool Time

So have you got the kit? We’ve an essential range from the excellent Army Painter system that could fill your tool box:

Green Stuff Army Painter tl5007_600x450px_1

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Next, Your Scenic materials

War World Scenic’s know a thing or two about making fantastic terrain and have developed, with Warlord, the materials that can bring your battlefields to life!

WGS-BFT-01 Blasted Battlefield Theme Set

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Inspired but no time yet to have a go? Then we’ve got you covered:

Warlord Games stocks the extensive forestry from the prolific 4Ground range, the huge variety allows you to theme your battlefield to nearly all the European theaters from Ancients to modern and beyond to the farther reaches of Antarean space!


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