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Hobby: Beasts Of War Terrain Challenge

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Calling All Antarean Comanders, our friends over at Beasts of War have issued a challenge for the summer, get building your scatter terrain to win prizes and honour for your factions!

Hobby Lab Open Challenge – Scatter Terrain

Beasts Of War Scatter Terrain comp Aug16

Beasts Of War have got quite the neat challenge for you to get stuck into over the Summer and a great chance for you to share and learn together as a community. BoW want YOU to…

Create Your Own Scatter Terrain

…and then share it with them over on Beasts of War so we can all find out more about the art of terrain making.

What Is Scatter Terrain?

Scatter Terrain is a core and flexible part of any gaming environment. Effectively it gives you loose terrain pieces which can be used to break up open areas of the table and provide cover from oncoming fire or maybe a place to set-up your defences during a melee.

If you want some ideas then you could think along the lines of Garbage, Police Blockades, Ruin Scree, Barrels, Boxes, Weapon Racks and more. The list of ideas is endless and these kind of terrain pieces can appear in all manner of genres.

How Does The Competition Work?

The competition will run from NOW (yes right now) until August 31st at 1:00pm (BST). BoW will begin their first reports on what people have been up to during the first week of August and announce winners on the Weekender after the competition closes in September.

To share your terrain they’re going to be opening up the Hobby Forums for you to create Projects which BoW will delve into and keep an eye on throughout the competition. Some tips for you…

  • Pick a good Descriptive Name for your Forum Topic (or Project Log – Our Team will also be keeping the names tidy etc to make them easy to find)
  • Post plenty of pics of sketches, materials etc.
  • Enjoy posting and answering questions – everyone loves terrain!

Who is going to be the team behind this I hear you ask…


…well, we have a great bunch of folks helping out in that regard.

Quite an esteemed list of judges I think you’ll agree!



Hobby Lab Open Challenge – Show BoW Your Scatter Terrain!

At the end of it all Beasts Of War will also be awarding prizes, which include £50 gift vouchers redeemable at 4Ground so you can win based on…

  • Best Scatter Terrain Idea (Best use of items, versatility of the terrain etc)
  • Best Project Log in the Forums (Best and most instructive project log in the forums)
  • Best Executed Entry (Technical and Execution Excellence – it must look amazing)
  • Best Entry From a Junior Beast! (Open to those under the age of 16)
  • Remember it’s all for fun, sharing of ideas and learning together – prizes are just the sprinkle on top!

What are you waiting for? Get involved!
– See more at Beasts Of War

What Better way than to get stuck in with your ideas and once you’ve entered why not tell others over at the Warlord Facebook page or the Warlord Forum, Good Luck everyone!


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