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Recently we spotted this great piece of painting and modelling on our forum, posted by 14th Brooklyn – a pair of Panzerwerfer 42s both with the option to have them in driving and firing mode:

panzerwerfer-battery panzerwerfer-battery1 panzerwerfer-battery-firing1

You can find more photos and full details of the project in 14th Brooklyn’s blog post. Here’s a small extract:

‘So how was it done? Well the rockets are just bamboo skewers cut to the shape of a rocket and painted in an appropriate colour. The rest of the skewer was just painted off white to hide inside the smoke. The tubes were drilled open, so the would take the skewers. After those were glued to the launchers, I wrapped cushion stuffing around the skewers (good thing I had built some furniture a couple of days ago). For the launcher that was just firing a single rocket this was simple. with the other one, that contained more rockets and ones that were further away, I needed a counterweight, which is a modelled base with a larger rock on it. The base is now invisible under the smoke trail, but I still know that it is there, in case the “smoke” ever shifts. Last I airbrushed the stuffing with Vallejo Iraqui Sand to give it the look of exhausts and that was it.’