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Hobby: John Stallard’s British M3 White Scout Car

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He’s been at it again! As soon as he saw our recently released M3 White Scout Car, Warlord owner John Stallard just couldn’t help himself…


It wasn’t just the American forces that made use of the White Scout Car -the British and Commonwealth forces used hundreds of them for all manner of roles – as ambulances, supply vehicles, patrol vehicles, escorts, reconnaissance …

John has used the existing American bodies that are supplied with the White Scout Car kit, but painted them khaki and put on obvious Commonwealth headgear – berets, tin hats and cap-comforters to create a British/Commonwealth crew.


Further little touches were added to British-ify it – a very British Bren Gun and its distinctive gun spares case resting on the bench, a spare ‘Battle Bowler’ is on the seat next to the sitting rifleman who is nursing a ‘borrowed’ M1 Carbine…


A basic British Bronze Green was used for the truck with highlights on the top edges.

A splash of mud and a lot of dry-brushing with grey, then off-white paint brings out the rivets and details and represents hundreds of miles of dust.


It would be a useful vehicle for a FOO or an Air Observer too, and John is also thinking about taking the machine gun off and repainting it as the Battalion’s Medical Officer vehicle with appropriate Red Cross Markings and a flag!



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