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Hobby: Converting a M7 Priest into a Priest Kangaroo

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Learn how Warlorder Michele Isaja converted his M7 Priest into a Priest Kangaroo!


Michele: Inspired by an iconic picture like this one; and after a few days spent researching historical sources (see my other article), I decided that such a piece (or two!) had to be included in my growing 51st Highland Division themed army.


So I decided to get myself a couple of M7 Priests. After an in-depth look at archive footage, it was time for action!

Step 1: Interior Removal

What was surely the most difficult bit of the project, the resin kit has the shells boxes filled with ammunition, and the mechanism holding the 105mm howitzer, so I had to remove everything.

After few unsuccessful trials with a simple cutter, I decided to get out my Dremel rotary tool, I then used various grinding and sanding tools (be sure to use a mask!). After an hour or so I reached a good level (I could have used finer dremel heads for a better finish, but I ran out quickly and I dont have a decent hardware shop near me, typical!)

A very important tip is to use a mask of any sort to avoid breathing in the finely sanded resin powder you inevitably will make.

15589748_10209952491201476_6626615094701757426_nLeft an 80% sanded piece, Right the M7 Priest chassis as sold

Step 2: Plasticard


Plasticard work in progress.

After an even closer look at other Priest Kangaroo models, I finally went to the local model shop to get some 0.75 mm thick polystyrene (plasticard).

With a bit of help from paper and scissors I made a template that helped me cut the sides and frontal parts into shape for extra protection.

I’ve used some greenstuff putty to simulate the welded areas around the edges (maybe a bit exaggerated, but makes a point and look good on the table)


Together, with the Priest, I bought a couple of stowage and tarp rolls kit and I had fun adding them to my Kangaroos, I’ve added some rivets made from cheap chinese nail art gems (slightly too big, I should have used smaller ones)


Kangaroo on the Italian front with rail bar for cover.

Step 3: Canvas cover

After seeing this picture on the web, this specific Kangaroo is in Italy not Normandy, I decided to have one half covered with a canvas cover, so I got a metal wire bent and cut into shape, and glued on top some thick aluminum foil (from a bottle of prosecco neck!)


This is the final result, primed and ready for some painting!
15942254_10210104860370610_368835123_nI’m going to work on my Shermans at the same time to get a unified look  – It’s also quicker to batch paint this way for me.

So till next time, keep painting!


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