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New: German Fallschirmjäger Starter 1943-45 – 1000pt army bundle

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Field an elite 1000 point force with the German Fallschirmjäger Starter 1943-45, some of the most feared infantry during the war.

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Some of the most feared and elite troops of the second world war, the Fallschirmjäger really do set themselves apart even amongst the elitist German forces. With success in Italy, Africa, France, and the Eastern front the Fallschirmjäger is the one enemy you don’t want to face but is superbly themed to play with.

You’ll want to pick this German force if you like an elite and coherent fighting force. Using advanced weaponry such as the revolutionary assault rifle and Panzerfaust. With diverse tactics ranging from a rapid-attacking force via parachute drops or in support of an armoured platoon of the feared Panthers, this is an exciting force to field.

This set contains:

  • 1x Fallschirmjäger plastic box set
  • 1x Fallschirmjäger sniper, Panzerschrek and flamethrower teams (1943-45) Blister Pack
  • 1x Fallschirmjäger Panzerbüchse 41 anti-tank gun (1943-45) Blister pack
  • 1x Fallschirmjäger 81mm medium mortar team (1943-45) Blister Pack
  • 1x Fallschirmjäger 10.5cm LG40/1 recoilless artillery (1943-45) Blister Pack
  • 1x Fallschirmjäger Kettenkrad (1943-45)
  • 1x Order Dice pack – Green
  • 1x STG44 assault rifle accessory pack
  • 1x Armies of Germany 2nd Edition

This set provides everything you need to get started in Bolt Action. It has been designed to create a competitive 1000 point army which is the standard of Bolt Action games. It also comes with your order dice pack, which contains 12 order dice required to field your army, a thematic German dice bag and a FREE Armies of Germany 2nd edition book, essential for all the information about your army and the history of the German forces during 1939-1945!

Note: This is a Web Direct offer set and therefore does not come with an outer box, items will be individually boxed/wrapped within your parcel.

The Army List

Unit Type: Unit Name: Upgrades: Total Cost:
Headquarters Veteran Fallschirmjäger HQ: Oberleutnant  +1 rifleman 103 pts
Headquarters Veteran Fallschirmjäger Medic  – 30 pts
Infantry Veteran Fallschirmjäger Squad – late war  +5 men, 8x Assault Rifles, 1x LMG, 4x Panzerfausts 220 pts
Infantry Veteran Fallschirmjäger Squad – late war +5 men, 2x Assault Rifles, 4x SMGs, 1x LMG, 4x Panzerfausts 202 pts
Infantry Veteran Fallschirmjäger Squad – late war +2 men, 2x Assault Rifles, 1x SMGs, 1x LMG, 2x Panzerfausts 150 pts
Support Veteran Fallschirmjäger Flamethrower team  – 65 pts
Support Veteran Fallschirmjäger 81mm Mortar Team  – 65 pts
Support Veteran Fallschirmjäger Panzerbuche 41 AT gun team  – 60 pts
Support Veteran Fallschirmjäger 10.5cm LG40/1 recoilless artillery team  – 21 pts
Transport Inexperienced Kettenkrad  – 84 pts
Total Points Cost: 1,000 pts

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