Gallery: Tom Weiss’ Fallschirmjager!

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Another week – another batch of superbly painted Bolt Action miniatiures from top painter, Tom Weiss! This week it’s the turn of the elite German airborne – the Fallschirmjäger!

Fallschirmjäger Pour a Hail of Fire Into the Enemy

The Fallschirmjager (German Airborne troops) performed the first airborne invasion when they assaulted Denmark on the 9 April 1940. They followed this success up with further successful airlandings of Norway and the pyrrhic victory of Operation Mercury in taking Crete.

Fallschirmjäger Use the Treeline As Cover

Once again Tom has come through with these excellent German troops. Take a peek at Tom’s website to see more of his amazing skill with a paintbrush.

Fallschirmjäger Command Squad

Fallschirmjäger with STG44 Assault Rifle

Fallschirmjäger with STG44 Assault Rifle 2

Fallschirmjäger with STG44 Assault Rifle 3

Fallschirmjäger with FG42

Fallschirmjäger MG42 LMG Team Advancing

Fallschirmjäger with KAR98K Rifle

Fallschirmjäger with KAR98K Rifle 2

Fallschirmjäger with KAR98K Rifle 3

Unlike their Allied counterparts these German Paratroopers were attached to the German Luftwaffe rather than the army. Fallschirmjäger were highly trained, invariably veteran troops, as the Allies found in such legendary battles as Eben Emael, Carentan (we’ve all seen Band of Brothers haven’t we?), Monte Cassino and Arnhem. Wherever the Fallschirmjäger were found a bloody struggle was sure to be had…

Fallschirmjäger Radio Operator

Fallschirmjäger NCO with MP40 SMG

Achtung! You can get your own German Fallschirmjäger force in the Warlord webstore!

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