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Gallery: Award Winning Marksman!

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Check our Paul Schipitsch’s Pike & Shotte marksman model – easy to see how it won a top award at Historicon last year…


This superbly painted miniature won Paul Schipitsch Best of Show in the miniature painting competition at Historicon 2010 held at the Valley Forge Convention Center in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, USA.  This well-organized convention takes place every July and is run by the Historical Miniatures Gaming Society – East. The Historicon website claims 3,500 to 4,000 visitors yearly, an impressive number for any wargaming convention.


The convention theme which changes annually was “Pike and Shotte – Seventeenth Century Warfare”.  With this in mind, Paul chose the Marksman from the Warlord Games Pike & Shotte range as his entry for the miniature painting competition.  “Thematic reasoning aside, the Marksman is a extremely unique figure oozing with character”, says Paul.


Coming from a fantasy gaming background, the marksman was Paul’s first historical miniature he had painted.  He chose to base the model on a round 40mm base to allow ample room for base work.  Paul used a combination of Games Workshop and P3 paints and the metalwork is painted in the ‘non-metallic’ style.  Paul tells us this took about three weeks to finish at a very casual pace. Time well spent we say!

Paul has already begun planing for my entry in this year’s Historicon painting competition.  The theme this year is “Brother Against Brother” The war that changed America – the American Civil War, 1861-65.  Like last year, his entry will fit the theme.  As far as Warlord Games miniatures go, I plan on painting the Petard Assault team next.

Paul keeps a general painting blog at – although it doesn’t get updated very frequently as he’s too busy painting!