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Frank Peeters sent us pics of some fun conversions based on our plastic Celts which are now masquerading as the famous cartoon character and his friends…


Frank has been collecting, painting and gaming with models for decades – mostly fantasy and sci-fi games. As a keen historian Frank was always fascinated with the idea of ‘historical’ wargaming. The problem was always the models, being either too expensive or hard to get a hold of, or most likely both. As he told us, our Imperial Romans solved all those problems and he was hooked!

As a bit of fun Frank decided to convert our plastic Celtic Warriors into one of his favourite cartoon characters – Asterix the Gaul!

After looking for the most appropriate bits amongst the Celt plastics, a bit of greenstuff was required for the correct knobs and horns on the helmets, and the dog of the Celt civilian set had his tail clipped and bobbed for the proper Idefix look.


The biggest problem was Asterix’ iconic wings. They had to be big (in the comic they’re almost as tall as Asterix himself) but they had to still look appropriate for the model. I must have looked in every bit box I could find and searched every model range, but they were always too big or too small. In the end I performed a small sacrilege, and clipped them from a Space Hulk Terminator.

After that it was just a matter of painting the models in the appropriate the colour scheme. The models went down a storm at their ‘unveiling’ at Frank’s local club. Brilliantly wild ideas for a complete diorama have been discussed, but since then Frank has fallen prey to another common malady affecting us wargamers – the distraction of a new army and a new period…