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Cruel Seas: Fairmile D-class MGB/MTB

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Prepare to add more ships to your fleet and rule the coastal waters with a pair of new Fairmile D-class MGB/MTB for the Royal Navy!

Cruel Seas Fairmile D-class MGB MTB


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The Fairmile company produced a mass production vessel, which had good seagoing qualities and was used also for mine laying. The Fairmile B followed this, 398 being built in the UK, and 180 more in the Commonwealth, an impressive total. They showed their suitability by one flotilla even crossing the Atlantic to Trinidad via Iceland!

Their most famous boat was probably the Fairmile D or ‘Dog’ boat, a dual MTB/MGB, possibly the best-armed vessel size for its size in the world. From February 1942, 229 were built and served with distinction in all areas of conflict.


  • 2 x Fairmile D MGB/MTB (resin and metal)
  • Ship Cards
  • Wakes

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The Royal Navy in Cruel Seas

If you’re looking to launch your Royal Navy fleet and dominate the high seas, grabbing one of these fleet sets is the best place to start!

The set contains:

  • 2 x Plastic Early Vosper MTBs
  • 2 x Plastic Mid/Late Vosper MTBs
  • 2 x Fairmile D (resin and metal)
  • 1 x Armed Trawler (resin and metal)
  • 1 x Bristol Beaufighter Mk Ic (metal)
  • Ship Cards
  • Plastic Torpedo markers

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