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    The 109s get three of these as trait cards, and it gives them an extra inch when burning advantage to dive. When is it useful to use this card? It just doesn’t seem like an extra inch in a dive is going to make much difference most of the time, especially since you have to burn advantage to get it. Am I missing something about this card?


    From the BoB box, the spitfire is definitely easier to play with the tight turn card. Especially as this one is played on your own plane.
    Compared to it the 109 cards are not that obvious to play.
    Great climb is a reaction card that you will forget to play at first and, as you mentioned, the great dive is not a total game changer.
    Anyway, it could be used to let you reach a cloud zone that you wouldn’t initially or be close enough to get in contact with the enemy or fly away when you need to break combat.
    Once again, compared to the tight turn, it will more difficult to optimise its use as you need to dive first to be able to use when the spitfire can use his card at every activation.

    I think to will require several games to master the 109.


    On a 109E with speed 7 its not outstanding. It sometimes allows a dive to reach a tail position or get out of one. GD gets better as speed increases, so on a 109F or G or P51D it is quite powerful. As above the key to playing 109Es is using Great Climb


    Thanks for the comments. I’ve definitely found that the 109 learning curve is steeper than the Spitfire, and I do keep forgetting to use Great Climb. I hadn’t thought about the use of Great Dive on faster planes, now can’t wait to try out a P51.

    Steve Burt

    It’s better when combined with the Doctrine card that lets you dive even when disadvantaged. Now that *is* a very useful ability, as it lets you shake off someone on your tail.
    I agree it isn’t much use on its own.

    Willy Messerschmitt

    We played a couple of games of BoB 109s vs Spitfires last night and it seems like the Great Dive cards are there just to disadvantage the 109s more. A 1″ bonus doesn’t help much, even when combined with the Dive Away ability.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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