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    Andrew Moore

    Question, in the Digital version of The Western Desert book introduces the SDKFZ251/6 as an option for an armoured car selection. However, none of the DAK theater selectors have this as an option. Have Warlord made a boo-boo?

    Stuart Harrison

    Sounds like an error by the author, not reflecting a vehicle he included in the selectors he wrote PLUS an error by Warlord in not adequately reviewing the book for such inconsistencies prior to publication.

    The 251/6 is already covered in the Additional Command Vehicles section of Tank War, p75-76. Under selectors it counts as an Armoured Car for the generic Reinforced Platoon and all of the theatre selectors of AoG except Operation Mercury (can’t be used). I’d use that entry and negotiate it with your opponent until/unless clarified for the Western Desert entry/selectors.

    Dr Dave

    The sdkfz 251/6 would have been a divisional (or higher) command vehicle. There are pictures of them carrying enigma encryption machines. Sounds like a major boo boo to me.

    invisible officer

    251/6 was mostly used by generals, introduced November 1940.

    Books sometimes mix it with 251/3. Like the famous Guderian pics, he used in France 1940 a 251/3 with enigma. Bundesarchiv Bild 101I-769-0229-11A and 12A show that nicely from above.

    251/6 was also by front units that needed the wireless set FUG 11 and 12 or similar . These had the Rahmenantenne but also a large telescopic 9 meter pole antenna and two small.

    Among the users had been recce units.

    It was replaced in production late 43 by 251/3 IV with same wireless.

    Dr Dave

    In late 1941 21st had just 3x 251/16. One each in the Div HQ, the pioneer bttn and the radio comms bttn.

    In November 1942 in DAK 15th Pz had 4 on strength and 21st still had 3 of them.

    Basically, they are rocking horse poo!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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