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    David Vajgrt

    I have a question about the Rangers lead the way rule. In a scenario were the forces enter the table in a first wave. The situation was scenario 4, double envelopment, can the Rangers make a run move onto the board before the first dice is pulled for the first wave.

    Thank you


    errata /faq document pg 4:

    Page 25, Ranger squad. Change ‘Rangers Lead the Way!’ Special Rule to:
    Rangers lead the way! Units of Rangers are allowed to make a Run move after both sides have finished set-up, but before the first turn of the game. During this move, the unit cannot assault
    enemy units, and cannot be targeted by enemies in Ambush.

    FAQ document page 23:
    If Rangers are in the First Wave, can they make their special Run move before the first turn of the game (and so, are out of the table before the beginning of the game)?
    If Rangers are in first wave, they can make their way onto the table AFTER preliminary bombardments, but BEFORE the first dice is drawn.

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    David Vajgrt

    Thank you for the clarification, that and the ability to run in dence terrain make them a formable force.

    Stuart Harrison

    David, where are you getting Rangers having an ability to run in dense terrain?  Their only special rule in their AoUS entry is ‘Rangers Lead the Way’ which doesn’t mention that.

    David Vajgrt

    I got it out of the Campaign Italy book. They now have the Achnacarry Training 9 inch run through rough ground Page 107 of the new Italy Campaign book. The situation I faced was The Rangers ran on before the First Dice was pulled, and then as dice were actually pulled for the first wave some of the Ranger units were at or near the mid point of the battle field.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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