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    Raf De Backer
    top secret scenario says: to seize the marker, an infantry unit must advance or run and ends its move with one model touching the objective
    Motorbikes (p90) Moves at 12″ for Advance and 24″ at a Run with same rules and restrictions as Wheeled vehicles, except they may make any number of turns as they move. Cannot react to enemy attacks by going Down. Can react by making escape move (at normal move, not double speed). Can dismount as part of any Advance move, but cannot remount. Bike riders cannot shoot while moving. Cannot assault and can make an escape move if assaulted. If attacked at close quarters they fight as infantry. Each man fights (including sidecar passengers if equipped). Regroup 2D6″ rather than D6″.
    question: must a motorcycle unit dismount first in order to seize the marker or are they classified as infantry when mounted?
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    Well…. one issue is which motorbike unit… (there are a couple of motorbike and sidecar units that go in the armoured car slot and have a higher DV)

    I would personally NOT classify them as infantry whilest mounted (including bicyle and cavalry units) because they have taken the transport upgrade option…. however I dont think theres any rules to prevent it, but it feels gamey to me (especially as you can reach it with a fast advance, equivalent of the normal infantry run, then dismount and shoot)

    Greg S

    Cavalry and bikes will break the Top Secret scenario very easily.

    Whether you insist they dismount or not, they can probably claim the macguffin in the first turn, (depending on terrain).




    It says in the rule book they are classified as infantry for the most part: “Motorbikes are generally treated as units of infantry except where noted below.” As such, I would think they could be used to seize the marker.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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