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    Hi all, started a very interested discussion on Corso’s TYW Protestant Army thread (, but thought it best to move further questions in to a new thread.

    Is anything known about coat colours for the Saxons? I have a vague memory of (some of?) them being in grey coats. Not sure where I got this idea. Perhaps the old Gush book. Anyway, any ideas on coat colours for the Saxons?

    There were of course a lot of other German states represented in GA’s army at Lutzen. Are there any suggestions of other coat colours? I see there are a number of ‘coloured’ regiments outside the famous ones (Black, White and Red?), but I assume this just represents the colours carried. I may use these for the coats if nothing more is known.

    invisible officer

    There are no contemporary sources for uniformed Kursachsen foot.
    Surely some men wore the same dress because they got a set from same tailor at same time.

    But the months of hard campaigning left little from these outfits and the men had to wear what they could get in towns, from peasants or the enemy. Dead or POW.
    And men recruited on campaign wore what they had. Many of them being POW.

    Some modern painters or authors showed Kursachsen troops in a Kind of uniform but these are not based on sources. One for example used black as base color and yellow. Based on a painting of an officer, decades after the war. In court mourning dress. Worse, officers used to wear different colors for a long time after introduction of uniforms.

    There was not even a standard look of the Protestant flags. If a new set replaced those lost or in rags it had often a totally different look.


    For flags of protestant states I would steer away from using the GARS monogram – their loyalty was to their Elector or Prince rather than the swedish king.

    Charge The Guns

    Thanks for the info, chaps, much appreciated!

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