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    Charge The Guns

    Come join the circle, Greg S. Grass green, Humbrol 80. One of my favourites as well. Wouldn’t be without it. The plastic dropper bottles are just too perfect to my mind. Where’s the jeopardy without trying to prise open an old tin and ending up with the lot spinning across the room. Those sort of risks help prove you’re still alive 🙂

    Dr Dave

    Oh, I’m so sorry. I think I’m in the wrong meeting.

    I was looking for the guild of acrylic painters? You can’t miss them. They’re the smiley happy folks in that lovely room with the bar and free chocolate. They wear those tops with GAP on them.

    Charge The Guns

    Hi Dr. Dave. Yes those trendy GAP guys are down the hall in the Starbuck concession. I believe they do give away free chocolate bars to newbies as a sweetener.

    That’s a lovely t-shirt, Dr. Dave, and are those new chinos? I wonder if you’ve really lost your way, or if you’ve something you want to share with the circle here. There are some scatter cushions in the book corner over there. Why don’t you go and make yourself comfortable over there, and just listen for a bit?

    There’s no rush to share. You wait ‘til you’re good and ready.


    While your waiting help yourself to beef paste sandwich or try out the powdered soup vending machine,but beware all flavours taste of tomato.

    I always bring a flask of Yorkshire tea.

    Jim Ripley

    Now , now , let’s be nice . Dr Dave might have learned insight to share with us , and he might also have brought some of that chocolate with him . Let’s make him welcome . Now do we tell him that his Mum called and wants him home before dark , or do we not tell him and let him catch hell when he gets home ? LOL Oh , and if my Mum calls , please lie and say you haven’t seen me all week


    Does anyone use standard artist’s paints from the art store, like Liquitex?

    As for licking your brushes, I like mine so they dry in a point. It’s useful.

    I use acrylics, though, not enamels and I don’t lick after cleaning with something other than soap and water.


    Liquitex is pretty commonly used in France for minis.
    Mediums are great, you could also use gesso for priming too.

    I just find some of their references hard to find here.

    Charge The Guns

    Welcome to the circle, Erik and Koin-Koin. What ever exotic substances you have been using, we will not judge you, here inside the circle. We don’t even judge the lickers or the non-licker.

    I’d like to confess to having purchased a set of Games Workshop washes. I didn’t need them. Just for the experimental hell of it. Where will it end?



    I’m Koin-Koin and I’m a brush licker.

    In my youth I went with the only stuff available around: enamel. Yes the humbrol one amongst others. But no licking at this time.
    At that time, I had to glue those planes models bad paint them.
    Dilution was not even a thing for me. You know, this darkness area. Long before our guide rise. The almighty Internet. The one sharing all the world wisdom.
    At that time you had to deal with those Revell models where no pieces shared the same scale.

    And after a 30 something break I’m now an acrylic addict and brush licker.

    I tend to stick with a main stuff coming from our Spanish neighbors which is legally sold in France under another name so noone have a clue.
    But I’m weak and I often try other stuffs even when I don’t really need it. You know, just because I can, I have to.


    Is this just about brush licking and using acrylics or can I admit that I really love the army painter system?? Coloured spray undercoat the majority colour,few quick details, quick dip then finish base. Quick, easy, simple and gives me results as good as I have ever achieved but gets minis on the table quicker. I know, I am a monster 🙁

    Charge The Guns

    Hey Ewan. Even Monsters are welcome in the circle of trust. Coloured spray undercoats are probably a dreadful heresy, but I expect they come in handy. Welcome 🙂

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