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    Hey gang,

    I’ve got a 666 point tournament coming up so I’ll be running a low-fuel Sturmtiger in a BOTB themed list.
    Just wondering how the Rocket Mortar rule works with the indirect fire.

    Rocket Mortar
    Treated as heavy howitzer and cannot fire long range. Re-roll all dice that failed to score damage for the blast, as well as the D6 for the number of pin markers. Inflicts 4D6 hits on targets inside buildings

    So that means its capped at a range of 36″ which is fine. But if you slot over to indirect fire and go to 32-84… how exactly does that work. Does that mean it can’t fire indirectly, or when it slots over to indirect, your new Max range range is 84… giving it a maximum fire range of 42.. so an indirect fire gap of 36-42?

    Thanks in advance.

    Stuart Harrison


    “In the Sturmtiger rules it says the main gun is ‘treated as a heavy howitzer and cannot fire to long range.’ This would seem to suggest that the Sturmtiger is only capable of firing its rocket mortar in effective range and so does not suffer the -1 to hit penalty for shots between 18-36 inches. Am I understanding this correctly? e limit applies only when firing directly over open sights. e range of an indirect fire is not affected. So the range of the Sturmtiger main gun is as follows: 36 (or 36-84).”

    “Long Range” is based on the direct fire range, indirect is an entirely separate “to hit” process.

    Net effect is you can only fire direct out to 36″ (with 18″ to 36″ being long range or no long range bracket? The FAQ response didn’t address the long range modifier part of the question) and 36″ to 84″ only using indirect fire.


    Ah…the FAQ haha. Thanks mate!

    Greg S

    That’s interesting. I guess that means I’ve been playing my Churchill AVRE wrong (which has a similar rule).

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