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    Given my weird preference for large and unwieldy things when it comes to wargaming I knew I had to create my first ever list with one of these.
    In FoW one of my most fun lists was one with 2 of these monstrosities.

    My initial purchase gives me enough to field the following:


    2x (full) Waffen SS squads

    1x MMG

    1x medium mortar

    1x Panzerschrek team

    1x Sniper

    1x Sturmtiger. (of course!)

    What I should list as my next purchase?

    What would you recommend and why?

    (note that fun is the goal. I have no desire to go to tournaments for now)

    Thanks a bunch in advance. 🙂

    Tim Haslam

    HA! Just what I did with my Germans in BA.

    sturm tiger is a great model, and funnily enough I too used 2 of them in FoW!

    take it to tournaments by all means, just don’t expect to win!

    under V2 rules this thing can actually destroy buildings in a single shot, and completely remove any units in it!

    you will find your opponents directing a lot of fire onto it!

    my army used a lot of Last Levy types, Hitler Youth etc. With just one Veteran squad for assaults.

    i would run veteran troops in units of 8.

    i wouldn’t bother with the panzerschreck just put panzer Fausts in a few units.
    to be fair a far better “game” piece is the Brumbar, because it’s cheaper and nearly as good.

    but then it’s not as cool as the stupid massive gun on the tiger is it lol


    good luck!


    Given what I have (the Box “Rattenkrieg Stalingrad” -> How I got addicted/lured into this)
    plus what is on the way:
    The “get started with Waffen-SS”, the “Waffen-SS Support group” bundles containing:
    Waffen-SS Box Set
    Waffen-SS Sniper, Flamethrower and Panzerschreck Teams (1943-45)
    2 officers
    1 Medic
    2-man Forward Observer team
    1 medium mortar team
    1 MG42 MMG team
    Armies of Germany Supplement
    FREE A5 Bolt Action rulebook
    Order Dice – Black
    Pin Markers Frame

    Plus the Sturmtiger of course.

    Given all this; what would be a next logical step?
    A panzerschrek is apparently not a very good choice. Why is that?
    Do you need another form of AT? (PaK40? Marder? StuG? Something else?)

    Is there something else that would add value to what I have?
    (miniatures/boxes and/or books)

    Thanks a bunch in advance.

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    Jacob Carter

    If you’re aiming for fun I’d say get a Flak 88 (and transport), while it’s probably too expensive to include in lists with the sturmtiger if you make a more infantry centered list that should be a good addition!  Plus whenever you don’t use it in an army you could use it as an objective!

    invisible officer

    Hmm, the Sturmtiger was designed for street fighting, but was rarely used in that role. The only true one was in Warsaw uprising.

    Two from Sturm Mörser Kompanie 100 being part of  Kampfgruppe SS-Ogruf. von dem Bach  (Abt. Ia Tgb-Nr. 110/4/44 g)

    But do we really want to play forces that include the Dirlewanger scum?

    The brave peoples from Warsaw had few tanks,  two Panther, two Hetzer  and also two SdKfz 251. So some AT should be available in your force.


    All the other Sturmtiger Actions are far distance fire on single buildings or open targets. There long range AT is a must.



    No question that a heavy artillery fan like me has the Bolt Action Sturmpanzer VI. But in game?





    Tim Haslam

    Yeah, mine sits on my shelf, one day!

    Brumbar is a good compromise.

    Thing is, late war armies always have a puma in the list, but again these are so cool.



    On it’s way are:
    plus the Sturmtiger of course.
    I have the Rattenkrief Stalingrad box too. How I got lured into BA…So add 6 models Grenadiere.

    The panzerschrek is no good? Why is that? What do you use as AT? (PaK40? Marder? StuG? Pz IV?)
    Thanks again.


    Well. Without any real knowledge of the game I ordered the following:

    Waffen-SS support group
    Get Started with Bolt Action : Waffen-SS

    This seemed a legit start to get things going.
    Where can I find those hitler youths for example?
    And which lists would you recommend me using?
    (so I can look for the specific book or books I need)

    Thanks again. 🙂


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