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    On page 83 the 3rd paragraph is saying…. ‘Resolve each order in turn, finishing each unit’s action before going onto the next,’.

    In a recent game my opponent had a Captain and ordered two units to ‘Run’ so that they could close assault one of my units ay the same time. He understood that he could use the two units together rather than resolving the combats separately. Is this correct?



    Jacob Carter

    Unless there’s something in FAQ I’m missing; You’re friend should have activated a single unit, resolved close combat, destroyed the loser as necessary, then activated his second unit.  I didn’t find anything in close quarters that would let you do that either

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    short answer  – Nope

    Long Answer –  Snap to basically gives you the chance of 2+ orders in succession without the chance of your opponent getting ‘a pull’ in between and therefore messing up your plans.  The rules actually tell you to take the order check for the officer to make sure he gets it then (paraphrase) allocate out the other order but cover them up until you carry them out.  You can then action them in any order you like BUT as your quote states – you must finish the order before going on to the next!

    So how can an assault order which is a move,  close quarters combat and consolidation be paused when the order is not completed until after the consolidation is finished?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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