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    Bloody Mindedness vs Preparatory Barrages and/or Artillery Strikes from a Forward Observer:

    Would pins received from table results that are anything other than direct hits subsequently come off of South African infantry and artillery units since no casualties were scored?

    The question of whether they’re actually being hit by HE on results other than direct hits came up in a recent match.

    Thanks in advance!


    Any word on this question?

    Greg S

    What book is the South African Bloodymindedness rule in?


    Campaign: Western Desert

    The Rule is “Whenever a South African infantry or artillery unit receives hits from non-HE fire, place a pin marker as normal. If, however, no casualties are subsequently caused the pin is  automatically removed.”

    RAW – Preparatory bombardment is not stated to be HE… however Prep bombard says it Artillery, Rockets or bombs – all of which are HE attacks so I would say it IS a HE attack….  BA is NOT a game where RAW works, so latitude is expected (especially in campagin books which are all written by different people and not always written for pickup /competative gaming)

    Forward Observes artillery barage -it says on a hit place the HE template so therefore is an HE attack.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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