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    Hopefully someone can help me with this…

    Cavalry unit charges an infantry unit.

    1. Roll hard combat:  cavalry scored 7 hits on the stamina 4 infantry.

    2. Are they shaken at this point?

    3 They pass their break test well.  They are left with 3 casualty markers. What happens to the unit?  Destroyed or now shaken?




    Big Al

    You need to read the rules on hand to hand combat. It is all fully explained there.

    For cavalry charging infantry, there may also be the “Must Form Square” Rule to apply, which would mean that the combat doesn’t happen.

    anyway, to answer your question, the unit is only destroyed if the break test result states it. As the test was “passed” the unit follows the instructions on the break test. If it has taken three casualties or more, it becomes shaken. Excess casualties (those over three) are ignored and not recorded after the break test.

    however, “hits” are not casualties. They are just hits. You have left out an awful lot in your question, so I have to assume that you have done all the other stuff, like Morale saves and infantry attacks back. That is why I said what I did in my first sentence.


    Hi Steve,

    I haven’t played the game that much but from what I understand if you exide the units stamina it is shaken. Then, a break test is taken after combat and if the unit passes that it’s casualties are reduced to be equal to the stamina value (4 in your case). Big Al pointed out that there are also rules to hand-to-hand combat such as emergency squares. I also thought I read that they can get a volley of shot into the cavalry before being charged but I’d have to go back and read that.


    Yep as George said….

    You are shaken at the end of the activation where unit stamina is exceeded. (dont forget disordered if a 6 to hit was rolled)

    After a break test you are either broken OR your casualty tokens are dropped to the stamina value

    Big Al

    That’s right. Your excess casualties are removed. But, as I said (and I am probably being pedantic over terms) hits are not casualties. You roll to hit then your opponent rolls dice equal to the number of hits as morale saves. Any that are failed become casualties. So, if there are five hits and your opponent saves three of them you have two casualties, not two hits.

    Sorry, but it is just for clarity. It is better to be clear than to assume what somebody means.

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