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    Simple question, simple answers.

    My META have debaited it for a while, but out of the 12 scenarios, which are allowed the forward deployment of snipers & observers and which are not?


    Stuart Harrison

    P131, Playing a Game of Bolt Action, Scenario Special Rules, Setting up Observers and Snipers, first para, first sentence establishes that the set up rules are the default ‘Unless players wish to agree otherwise…’.

    Same heading, third para, first sentence states that units in reserve can’t use their special set up, then goes on to say those deployed on table and in first wave can use their special set up.  Applying both those, the only scenario which prevents forward deployment is one in which your side starts with all your forces in reserve, no on table deployment and no first wave, or where you’ve agreed not to use it.

    The only scenario in the MRB that meets that requirement for either side is ‘Top Secret’, p138.  Set up is “No units are set up on the table at the start of the game.  All units on both sides are left in reserve (see p132).”

    All other scenarios, both sides have either units on the table or allocated to first wave – if you choose to leave your snipers, observers, or units with spotters in reserve it’s your tactical decision stopping you, not the scenario.


    Thanks for the reply

    Along the same lines of setting up observers and snipers:

    “…Notice that if you dont have a specific setup zone, or a specific “half of the table”, they can be deployed anywhere on the table that is outside the enmy setup zone and more than 12″ away from the enemy” (pg131)

    Which scenarios does this  cover? Does “setup zone” include the phrase “table side”?

    For instance in “meeting engagement” you have a table side but no setup zone or half of the table, does that mean this statement applies?


    I’d take it to include the table edge where your models can enter the table from.

    So with ‘meeting engagement’ I’d say cant be 12″ away from the enemies table edge OR an already deployed forward deployment unit!


    Stuart Harrison

    See pScenario 8, Manhunt for an example – The defender has a set up area in the centre of the table and the attacker doesn’t have any set up area. The table isn’t marked as divided in halves

    Defender would set up his forward deployers first and can set them up anywhere (no enemy set up zone and no previously deployed enemy units to restrict him).  Attacker sets his up last, and can’t deploy them within the defender’s set up zone or within 12″ of any unit.

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